Joanju developed ProRefactor between 2002 and 2004. In December 2004, we released ProRefactor to an open-source project at

Joanju provides Support, Services, and Consulting for ProRefactor.


Purchase ProRefactor professional support from Joanju if your team wants to ensure that there's always an expert available to answer questions.

We offer:

  • Download access to a stable, supported build of ProRefactor, from Joanju's web site
  • Assurance of smooth transitions from release to release
  • Support by email, fax, and phone, with response within one business day

Price: US$45/seat/year, US$450/site/year, US$900/corporate/year

Please see our Contact page to reach us for support, or to purchase support.


Joanju created Proparse and the initial release of ProRefactor. You can tap into our expertise in order to have the tools that you need for your project built quickly.


  • Open-source development: US$35/hour
  • Closed-project development: Contact us


Joanju offers short term on-site consulting. Choose Joanju consulting services when your project is making use of Proparse or ProRefactor.

Think of us when:

  • You need help getting started with a new project
  • You need a short term boost to a project that is already underway
  • Your project would benefit from in-depth understanding of our products
  • Your team would benefit from having an expert available to answer questions

Please see our Contact page to reach us by email, fax, or phone.